The Family Box Club is the brand new way to give the gift of quality time – either to your own family, or as a very special gift to a family you love.

Our mission is to help busy parents get rid of the guilt associated with feeling like we’re not doing enough, being enough, enjoying our children enough, and celebrate the things we CAN do instead. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we – but that doesn’t mean our beautifully imperfect families can’t enjoy some beautifully perfect moments  together too.

Whatever your family set-up – part-time working, full-time working, stay at home parent, single parent, running a business, studying, raising babies, caring for family or – like most of us – trying your best to juggle various roles and hoping we don’t mess up too badly along the way – it often feels impossible to find the time to do all the things we would like to do with our children. The sitting down and listening. Really listening.  Talking. Playing. Planning. Unplugging and discussing. Laughing and having fun. Life just gets in the way. There are so many demands on our time that push quality family time further and further down the pile, despite our best intentions.

This is where Family Box Club comes in. Think of us as the parental Robin to your Batman. The Dr. Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. The Cagney to your Lacey (for the 80s kids!) Whatever your preferred sidekick analogy, we take the planning and preparation off your never-ending to-do list and send you a ‘box of tricks’ to make you look like the most amazingly organised and fun parent ever – all you have to do is accept all of the glory and simply carve out whatever time will work best for your family circumstances to go through the box together.

Family Box Club, based in the UK, is designed to help pause the pressures and responsibilities of our daily lives, unplug from technology and social media, and shift the focus for that period of time solely to having fun together – being in the moment, playing games, talking, laughing, being silly, sharing stories and making plans together –  turning the otherwise ordinary moments of our daily lives together into something magical.

The box will arrive as an exciting personalised gift in the post, making the unboxing part of the experience. Your box will contain a selection of fun games, challenges and activities, all chosen and designed to help put the heart into your family, covering all age ranges and family set-ups.



Your Family Box Club box will arrive as a gift in the post. Open the box together to find a hand-picked selection of fun games to play, challenges to accept, letters to write, memories to record, silly things to do, acts of kindness to plan, days out to discover, new things to try, rewards to choose, winners to award, goals to chase, mindset to grow, dreams to dream, wishes to wish, mottos to make, and above all else, a reminder to have fun, be grateful and know that whatever you are able to do, and whenever you are able to do it, if you’re doing it together, it is enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Family Box Club is designed to help modern, busy, time-strapped families make wonderful memories together whilst at the same time, creating a box of funny and touching keepsakes for parents to look at whenever they need reminding that even though it’s incredibly hard work sometimes,  you’re doing an amazing job. The boxes are designed to be kept so that in the future, your children will have a unique collection of special childhood memory boxes.

We’re not quite ready to launch yet but we’re working super hard behind the scenes sourcing suppliers, choosing the contents and testing the first boxes with some of our amazing tester families (get in touch if you’d like to be considered as a future box-testing family!)  To say thank you for stopping by, join our mailing list now to receive an exclusive discount code when we launch and the chance to win a free box and 6 family gift cards worth £60 to help you spend time together as a family!